Towards The Margins #108

April 16, 2017

Bit louder than we've been of late tonight. After a nice visit to The Noise Upstairs to play with the 50/50 Ensemble I managed to blag a small pile of CDs from the merch table, courtesy of NUS man Anton Hunter, so lots from there, with some other delights we've been sent lately.

Sterling work by all. Thanks all for supporting the show and passing on great music for me to play each week.



  1. Delphine Dora - A Constellation Of Stars - A Stream Of Consciousness (Siren Wire Editions) - Buy
  2. Bologna Improvisers Orchestra - Track 8 - Live at Eppur Si Muove 2008 (Eclectic Polpo) - Info
  3. Combat Astronomy - The Stone Tape - Flak Planet (Zond) - Buy
  4. The Noise Eating Monsters - Clang (Edit) (Unreleased) - Soundcloud
  5. Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi - You Think So - Vol. 3 Rochester Live! (577) - Buy
  6. The Spirit Farm - All Once More - The Spirit Farm (Slam) - Buy
  7. The Phonetic Orchestra - The Station and the Underclass (edit) - The Station and the Underclass (Insub) - Download
  8. Ferran Besalduch - Incident of Dr. Lanyon - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Discordian) - Buy
  9. Bryan Kolaczkowski - Unplugged (edit) - Little Matches (Self Released) - Buy
  10. Papernut Cambridge - Everything You Say Is Lyrics, Anything You Touch is Art - Seven at 77 (Where It's At Is Where You Are) - Buy

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