Towards The Margins #111

May 15, 2017

Doh!! When you do a live show and somehow don’t send the mic signal to the broadcast… Hope everyone who listened to the live version enjoyed the moments of silent contemplation. For those of you here at the archive I re-recorded the talking bits. Don’t let that spoil your enjoyment though, we have an hour of prime improvised music for you and the rambling is just like the live version!!



  1. James Wyness – Wave (edit) – Wave (Self Released) – Buy
  2. Yoko Miura – Windy Heath – Cielo 2 (Setola Di Maiale) – Buy
  3. Jo Thomas – Highbury (edit) – Sunshine over Nimbus (Self Released) – Buy
  4. Evan Parker, John Russell, Ian Brighton, Philipp Wachsmann, Marcio Mattos, Trevor Taylor – What Else Did You Expect? (edit) – Reunion at Cafe Oto (FMR) – Buy
  5. João Pedro Viegas, Guy-Frank Pellerinn, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orrù – Encore (edit) – For Massas (Pan Y Rosas Discos) – Download
  6. Trevor Watts & Stephen Grew – Sea Evidence – All There Is (Discus) – Buy
  7. Henry Kaiser, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter – False Alarms (edit) – Plane Crash II (New Atlantis) – Buy
  8. Joel Ryan – Throbdrone Solo – Or Air (Psi) – Buy
  9. Tod Dockstader – Luna Park (edit) – Organised Sound (Trunk) – Buy
  10. Joel Mellin – Be Here With Me (edit) – Seven at 77 (Where It’s At Is Where You Are) – Buy

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