Towards The Margins #113

May 28, 2017

When you sit down to get everything ready in plenty of time, your computer decides to install an operating system update which finishes and gives you just enough time to open everything up with just seconds to spare. That.

Hopefully, it sounds like a normal show after all that excitement… Some exciting forthcoming releases on show and many recent releases make up a very strong hour of music tonight.


  1. Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newly – I Decoded You – Moogies Bloogies (Trunk) – Buy
  2. Mark Browne, Daniel Thompson, Richard Sanderson – To Suggest Is To Create – Solitude, Reef and the Starry Veil (Linear Obsessional) – Buy
  3. Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston – Marcon – Dialogues In Two Places (Hi4Head) – Buy
  4. The Sommes Ensemble – Vendee Meldown (edit) – Heel Flipper (Small Scale Music) – Buy
  5. Davide Merlino Percussion Quartet – Urban Tribe – Go Out (Floating Forest) – Buy
  6. Kodian Trio – Pletterij (edit) – Volt/Pletterij (Raw Tonk) – Buy
  7. Alex Ward – Tiptoes (edit) – Proprioception (Weekertoft) – Buy
  8. Vibraphonic – Ricreare (II) – Pulsar (Floating Forest) – Buy
  9. Chikako Okada, Filip Zawada, Aleksander Olszewski, Adam Webster, Jan Fanfare – Track 5 – Five Layers (Fanfare) – Buy
  10. World of Fox – Further (edit) – Seven at 77 (Where It’s At Is Where You Are) – Buy

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