Towards The Margins

Towards The Margins #74

August 7, 2016

A great show with new releases on Vernacular, Off, Inexhaustible Editions, Two Rivers and a self release plus some classics from the vault. Triangle became squared with 4 tracks from Russian label Fancy Music. All this and possibly a matchmaking first for Towards The Margins when a comment of they should work together may just come off!! So glad I got out the sick bed and did the show – you never know what wonders may happen!!


  1. Heath Common – Powys Square at 4am – The Dream of Miss Dee (Hi 4 Head) – Buy
  2. Federico Ughi – Django Part One – The Space Within (Slam) – Buy
  3. Rachel Musson, Mark Sanders, John Edwards – Leaving Heaven – Bibimbap (Two Rivers) – Buy
  4. Ryan Choi – Inn Blue – Whenmill (Off) – Buy
  5. I Belong To The Band – Elephant Pastry Dream (edit) – Bakers Of The Lost Future (Inexhaustible Editions) – Buy
  6. Bryan Kolaczkowski – Rallenaldo – Filibusters (Self Released) – Buy
  7. Kate Armitage, THF Drenching, Dave Jackson – Shiny Windmill Bugs (edit) – Shiny Windmill Bugs (Vernacular) – Buy
  8. Afreaks – Floating In The Sky – Impact (Fancy Music) – Buy
  9. Roman Stolyar, Vladimir Luchansky – Inner Sounds – Duets (Fancy Music) – Buy
  10. Alexander Manotskov – Sacrifice of Snegurochka – The Snow Maiden (Fancy Music) – Buy
  11. Alexander Manotskov – Feast (edit) – The Snow Maiden (Fancy Music) – Buy