Towards The Margins

Towards The Margins #154

April 30, 2018

Lack of time and resources mean that tonight's show is mainly classic tracks from the vault. Not that that is a bad thing, as there's some stunners in there well worth another listen. All that and the voice is back after last weeks technical gremlins...


  1. Lärm Und Harmonie - Track 4 - Lärm und Harmonie EP (Nachtstück) - Buy
  2. Dave Holland Quartet - Conference of the Birds - Conference of the Birds (ECM) - Buy
  3. The Keith Tippett Octet - The Dance Of The Return Of The Bike Ride From Shinanagh Bridge With The Wind At His Back - The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon (Discus) - Buy
  4. Matthew Bourne - The Kabin - The Electric Dr M (Sound) - Buy
  5. Hervé Perez - Alessandria I Piazza Liberta - Postcards Never Sent (Self Released) - Website
  6. Borah Bergman with Roscoe Mitchell - Grab It - The Italian Concert (Soul Note) - Buy
  7. Ornette Coleman - Motive For Its Use - Beauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (Rhino) - Buy
  8. Frank Gratkowsi, Simon Nabatov, Marcus Schmickler - Allocation III - Deployment (Leo) - Buy
  9. Quadraceratops - Spiderling - Quadraceratops (Efpi) - Buy
  10. Paul Metzger - Untitled (edit) - Deliverance (Locust Music) - Buy