Towards The Margins

Towards The Margins #167

August 5, 2018

So it's over - Improv, like football isn't coming home...

That's a rap for Towards The Margins. It's been a lovely 3 1/2 years hosting the show and I'd like to thank everyone at FutureMusicFM for the love and support, to the labels and musicians that sent me stuff to play and most of all the listeners to the show.

It's been a gas but time to get my Sunday evenings back.

lots of love

Shaun xx


  1. Shepherds of Cats & Günter Heinz - It Took Me To A New Place, Grand, Rich and Full of Quirky Ornaments - Shepherds of Cats & Günter Heinz (Tombed Visions) - Buy
  2. Bryan Kolaczkowski - Encapsulated Sugar Coating the Figurative is the Literal - A Guide For The Future, Which Is The Past (Self Released) - Buy
  3. Colin Webster & Andrew Lisle - Patterns Emerge - Void Into Shape (Self Released) - Buy
  4. Dirk Serries - Assert Total Illusory Curve - Etched Above The Bow Grip (Raw Tonk) - Buy
  5. Hugues Vincent & John Curry - Werther Wartet - Tagtraum (Improvising Beings) - Buy
  6. En Bas Quartet - 3rd Movement - En Bas Quartet (Northern Contemporary) - Buy
  7. Wayne Rex, Dave Jackson, Rich Goodson - Hollow Arms - Double Album (MuteAnt) - Buy
  8. Ian Brighton - Going Home - Now & Then (Confront) - Buy
  9. Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Toward The Margins - Toward The Margins (ECM) - Buy
  10. Some Some Unicorn - Sustained Peace (edit) - Unicornocopia (Clutter Music) - Buy